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RenFest in Plantersville Tx

Posted on October 23, 2009 at 4:57 PM Comments comments (0)

We are so looking forward to the RenFest (Renaissance Festival) this coming week.  Now while the RenFest is actually over a month long, they host two "School Days" each year (this year it is Tuesday, Oct 27 and Wednesday, Oct 28 from 9am -4pm). Here is website in case you're interested:





There are so many different activities, exhibits, contests and well, just plain neat things to see and do, that we try to go both days.  This year will be our fourth year running. 


We go in costume each year too.  This year my daughter is going as a pirate one day and a Lady the next.  Yep, night and day.  Though I will say that she will carry a sword both days.  She had my mom help make her something pretty to wear with her dress that will hold her sword.  No shy reserved female, she will be prepared to defend her own honor if necessary.:tongue:


I've decided not to go in costume this year, but to carry our big camera and take tons of pics.  The dress that I usually wear is huge and heavy.  Here's a pic:



So I've decided to forgo the hoop and layers of netting this year.  So its jeans and t-shirt for me. 


We plan on cooking some Renaissance food.  Here is one of the recipes that we plan on using:


Meat Pie 


2 Pie Shells

1 1/2 lbs of cooked chicken or pork (or both)

1/2 cup meat broth (if too dry add little more)

1 1/2 cups Total of dates, raisins, chopped nuts, dried figs, grated cheese.  You decide what combination (me I'm leaving out the cheese).

1/4 tsp each of salt and pepper

1 - 2 TBS Total of any of following:  allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, or nutmeg

4 egg yolks

splash of white or red wine


Combine all ingredients and place in pie shell.  Cover with second pie shell.  Bake at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Pastry should be golden brown and the filling set.  Pie can be served hot or cold.


Now if you lived during the Renaissance you might very well eat peacock, pheasant, partridge, titmouse, wren, lark, quail, stork, duck, goose, swan to just name a few.  But we are sticking to chicken and pork for this recipe. 


On another note, unless you were nobitlity back then,  you ate with your fingers instead of a fork, so I thought the meat pie would be fitting and easier to eat with your hands. 


Now there was a bread recipe that I planned on using, but upon reading the directions and realizing that it took an hour of stirring (yep 1 hour) I changed my mind. 


Even if you did not pre-register for "School Days", don't fret.  Tickets are $8 at the gate.  You will want to get there early since there is usually a line for folks buying tickets.  You can purchase food on site or bring your own lunch.